"Connect and be heard in a way that your soul truly desires."

Hello! I am Mohanne, but you can call me Mo. My mission is to provide a space where you are truly heard, where your voice matters, and where your story is honored. In the sacred space that therapy provides, we will explore the landscapes of your life together, unlocking your true desires and goals while paving the way for healing and growth.
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Meet Mo: A Companion on Your Journey to Wellness

As a dedicated facilitator of healing, my mission is to provide a space where you are truly heard, where your voice matters, and where your story is honored. In the sacred space that therapy provides, we will explore the landscapes of your life together, unlocking the power of your possibilities and paving the way for healing and growth. Path to Therapy: The desire to help others has always been a part of my DNA, inspired by the compassionate work of my parents in the helping and medical fields. With a natural intuition and the ability to connect deeply with others, I have honed my gift into a professional skill set that serves my clients in profound ways. Working with Me: My approach is both eclectic and integrative, drawing from various therapeutic modalities tailored to your unique experiences. I specialize in helping individuals navigate life transitions, caregiver strain, and a spectrum of traumas, including emotional and verbal. As an ally to LGBTQ+, those embracing the divine feminine, first generation and BIPOC communities, I strive to provide culturally informed and sensitive care. I am committed to asking the hard questions that prompt self-reflection and growth, guiding you to recognize and honor your needs, emotions, and values. By establishing healthy boundaries, my wish for you is that you will be empowered to make decisions that resonate with your authentic self, leading you to make decisions that honor your heart as opposed to dishonoring your heart. Continued Learning: As a trauma-focused holistic facilitator, my dedication to professional development is unwavering. I stay abreast of the latest somatic, trauma focused and holistic techniques, ensuring that my practice evolves with the latest advancements in psychological healing. Core Values: My core values center around providing exceptional, customized therapy for every individual. I believe that everyone deserves to realize their inner strengths, facilitated through insightful conversation and open-hearted listening. I am here to support your transformative journey toward self-discovery and inner peace. What is Trauma/Toxic or Chronic Stress? Trauma can be thought of as a deep psychological wound, an emotional injury that occurs when an individual is overwhelmed by stressors that they are unable to cope with at the moment. As Dr. Bessel van der Kolk eloquently puts it: "Trauma is not merely a distressing event in our past; it is the enduring imprint of that event on our minds, brains, and bodies." This definition captures the essence of trauma as a pervasive and persistent influence on our overall health, affecting how we think, feel, and interact with the world. Trauma, therefore, is not confined to the event itself but includes the profound and lasting effects it has on our well-being. When we speak of "big Ts," we're referring to the seismic events in life that can shake us to our core—those overwhelming experiences that can drastically alter our life's path. They are akin to catastrophic natural disasters in their ability to disrupt and potentially devastate. These events often involve direct threats to our safety or psychological integrity, such as surviving a catastrophic accident, enduring violence, or witnessing a horrifying event. On the other hand, "little t" traumas may not capture headlines, but they can deeply scar the psyche. These are the subtle, often overlooked events that can erode a person's sense of security and self-worth over time. They might stem from emotional neglect, persistent criticism, or the everyday challenges of growing up in a high-stress environment. These experiences may not be life-threatening, but they can have a profound effect on emotional health, especially when they occur repeatedly or during formative years. It's important to understand that each person's resilience and reaction to stress are unique. What may seem manageable to one person can be deeply traumatic to another. The 'little t' traumas can accumulate, gradually creating an emotional burden that can be just as crippling as a single 'big T' trauma. By acknowledging these experiences and treating them with the same seriousness as more overt traumas, we can help prevent lasting emotional pain and facilitate healing. As for why you might consider working with me, allow me to share this thought: Healing starts when we recognize and feel our pain. "We cannot heal what we cannot feel," and the wounds we ignore often find ways to express themselves through our mind, body, and spirit. You may try to hide from it or numb it in various ways, but the unresolved pain and the wounds of your inner child will inevitably surface, often at times when we least expect or desire them to. After years of navigating the healing process with various therapists of my own, I undertook a journey of self-discovery that led to my own profound healing. I now extend an invitation for you to join me on a similar journey—a journey that we will navigate together, side by side. I offer you a space free of judgment, where you can express your true feelings, whether through tears, laughter, shouting, or silence. This is where your healing begins—open, honest, and radical therapy for those ready to embrace change. Are you prepared to take this step? Welcome to a space where healing is not just possible, but embraced and encouraged. Expertise and Specialties: - Anxiety and Panic Disorders - Depression - General Mental Health - Relationship Challenges - Women’s Challenges - Men's Challenges - Eclectic/Integrative Therapy - Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) - Multicultural/Culturally-informed Therapy - Somatic Experiencing - Trauma Focused and Strength-Based Therapy Services Offered: - Individual therapy - Group therapy Ages Served: - Adults (25-64) - Seniors (65+) Insurance and Payment: I am in-network with various insurers, including Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and several Optum and UnitedHealthcare plans. My out-of-network fees range from $175 to $300 per session, with a sliding scale available based on financial need and insurance status. Why Work with Me? If you're looking for a therapist who is passionate about facilitating your journey to healing, look no further. I offer radical therapy for radical people, a place where you can speak freely, express emotions authentically, and embark on a transformative path. Are you ready to take the first step? Reach out today, and let's begin this journey together. Wishing you deep healing, always. You are so worth it.
Mo Charles
Licensed Clinical Social Worker


"I am not here to judge you. I want to connect and hear you."

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Aging
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Life Transitions
  • Attachment Issues
  • Abandonment Wounds
  • Burnout


  • Trauma Focused
  • Attachment-Based
  • Integrative Therapy
  • Holistic Therapy
  • Strength-Based
  • Humanistic Therapy
  • Somatic
  • Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR)
  • Breathwork

Insurance Accepted

  • Aetna
  • United Healthcare
  • Oscar
  • Oxford
  • UMR
  • UHC Student Resources
  • BlueCross BlueShield of Massachusetts
  • Out-of-Network Benefits
  • Private Pay


  • Services Range From: $175 - $300